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Meet and greet and network at organized meetings

Spread the word. Give your product exposure. Get your message to the people. Play to the crowd.

One of the best ways to leverage your network marketing efforts is in an organized meeting — at a convention, or a smaller opportunity meeting you can organize yourself.

The convention

Advantages of getting yourself and everyone in your network marketing organization to your Network Marketing company convention include:

  • Meeting other network marketing distributors. Social proof is a persuasive influence. By getting new and prospective multi-level marketing distributors to a convention attended by hundreds or thousands of active network marketing members, you are demonstrating that your MLM opportunity is worth being involved in — because all the other network marketers agree that it is, or they would not be there.
  • Meet the folks who manage and, in some cases, started the network marketing company. Network marketing company founders are typically charismatic entrepreneurs who have attracted an experienced management team to help distributors grow their business. The marketing benefit to you comes from tapping into the influence of their authority as presenters of the event.
  • Receive acknowledgement for people¬† in your organization who have demonstrated leadership and advancement in rank.
  • Get exclusive offers and special savings only available at conventions.
  • Be the first to learn about new network marketing products, contests, bonuses, and incentives.
  • Expand your network marketing knowledge through training sessions on product usage and business development.
  • Acquire the feeling of being connected to something bigger than you. This fulfills a basic human desire for belonging.
  • Exploit the network marketing opportunity to travel to an exciting convention location … and have fun.

The opportunity meeting

Opportunity meetings have been one of the foundation-building tools in network marketing. They are a venue for presenting a compelling call to action. Because of the presence of others, meetings invoke social proof, and can also generate contagious excitement and enthusiasm. They come to a close in a way that leaves people longing for more.

A basic outline for planning a successful opportunity meeting:

  • Meet guests at the door as they enter.
  • When beginning, make a brief introduction to edify the main speaker.
  • Schedule 10 to 15 minutes of live network marketing testimonials.
  • Play a company network marketing presentation DVD or present a company overview using visual aids.
  • If possible, do a product demonstration where people can see immediate results.
  • When possible, create a total experience by engaging the five senses through including visuals (with displays), sound (from music), touch (by greeting people with a handshake on arrival and departure) and taste (by offering product samples or refreshments).
  • When wrapping up, announce that people can get started right away by getting together with the person who brought them.
  • Allow time afterward to socialize.

Some ideas for maximizing a successful meeting:

  • If more than one network marketing distributor is participating, discuss important points before the meeting so that everyone involved knows the agenda.
  • Prepare and practice ahead of time what you will say and encourage all the other speakers to do the same. After you have spoken before groups many times, you’ll be able to walk up in front of any group and speak with confidence.
  • Have a visitor’s sheet and ask attendees to sign in as they enter, so you can follow up with them.
  • Put up a table with a display of the network marketing company products along with some empty product boxes to create an attractive visual network marketing presentation. Put out plenty of brochures, research studies, magazine articles, DVDs, product catalogs, and other handouts.
  • Ask participating network marketing distributors to arrive 15 minutes early to socialize and get comfortable. Studies show it takes at least 15 minutes to get accustomed to being in an unfamiliar place.
  • Have experienced network marketers greet and interact with new attendees with friendly and assuring comments.
  • Start and end meetings on time. Those who show up on time get a sense of network marketing professionalism. Latecomers will learn to be punctual.
  • Schedule opportunity meetings weekly, so your group can rely on a regular day to get network marketing prospects to attend.
  • Keep meetings less than an hour; thirty to forty five minutes makes it easy for attendees to pay attention.
  • Watch the faces and body language of those in your audience. If they are looking around or shifting in their seats, try asking a question to get people to interact or tell a humorous story to get people smiling and laughing.


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