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Dysfunctional types function well as network marketers

There are certain accepted qualities to look for in your network marketing distributors — but a dysfunctional personality?

In fact, those sort of folks seem to do exceptionally well in multilevel marketing. They can be the people who come from dysfunctional backgrounds, often being adult children of alcoholics, or sprung from abusive or other odd families. Dysfunctional network marketing successes can be those of us who are driven, compulsive, obsessive, hysteric, recovering alcoholics, recovering drug addicts, you name it.

Network marketing rescuers would fall into this lumpy group, too. We’re the ones who want to save the world through good works, and this includes saving people financially with a good MLM business. We generally like crises and excitement, and network marketing certainly provides this for us.

Gamblers also fall into the dysfunctional group All of us are waiting for the ace in the deck, the big spin, or the winning number. Network marketing provides this thrill. We’re always just one person away from becoming a network marketing millionaire. Pick the right distributor and you’re set for life. Network marketing gives you better odds, too. You can buy 50 lottery tickets and win $2 million or $2. But if you talk to 50 people, about your business, you surely would have made more money in network marketing …

Dysfunctional network marketers often need to succeed at all costs, and the MLM industry provides the stage to be a star. They’re enterprising and persistent. They delight in channeling their our energies into work and productivity.


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