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People, the money is in your list

Imagine this network marketing scenario: You’ve built a large network marketing organization with a new multi-level company that just launched a year ago. The MLM company suddenly announces it is filing bankruptcy. Multi-level distributors won’t receive their checks and no more orders are going out to customers.

Sounds pretty grim, but this kind of situation has happened to many people a lot more than we’d like to admit. A real network marketer knows that the real money isn’t in a particular network marketing opportunity or multilevel product; it’s in the people, and specifically a list of people.

Network marketers build their lists from a loyal following, because that’s where the money is. Should circumstances force you to change network marketing companies, the people in your network marketing organization won’t follow you just because you were in their network marketing upline. But they will follow you if you’ve treated them with warmth, integrity, and respect.

Using proper network marketing tactics, you can accumulate hundreds of new network marketing prospects every month at a minimum investment. Remember though, gathering leads will amount to little, unless you have a system to transform those names on your list into relationships.

Your marketing activities should create a funnel that gathers network marketing leads, establishes rapport, and gets appointments for your network marketing business. That’s all. You don’t try to persuade, convince, or sell anything until you can get your prospect’s agreement to meet, either by phone or in person. Once your prospect agrees to an appointment, you’ve both taken the first step to creating a business relationship.

Renting a mailing list

One way to add names to your network marketing list is through renting targeted mailing lists to which you send out your multi-level marketing offer. By acquiring lists of people who have demonstrated an interest in a topic, you can get your offer in front of niche audiences who are most likely to try your network marketing service or product.

You can rent lists of buyers of books on longevity or fitness, purchasers of specific products from mail-order catalogs, or subscribers to newsletters and magazines that relate to your field. You can rent lists of members of associations. There are lists of names to rent for almost any topic you can think of for your network marketing project.

The cost of renting a list can run anywhere from $.05 per name to $.25 per name with the average list priced around S.10 to $.12 each. Usually, there is a minimum number you can rent, like 5,000 names but i have seen lists run into the millions too. You may have the option to pay for a one-time use or, for a higher price, unlimited use.

When renting mailing lists, remember to learn:

  • When was the list last updated?
  • Are these people likely candidates for your network marketing offer?
  • Is there some compensation for bad addresses?

Unlike  network marketing opportunity-seeker leads,  most of your mailing list names will not be expecting your contact. Response rates vary enormously due to your network marketing offer, the timing, and the quality of the list. If you get a 2 % response or better, you’re doing well. But you can’t know what your response rate will be until you test. After your test, compare all your costs and sales and determine if the acquisition of new customers or network marketing distributors is worth the effort and expense to continue.

Remember, a new network marketing customer might buy several hundred dollars in products over the coming years, so renting lists may be worth the higher cost of acquisition in the long run.

You can rent lists directly from a publication or mail-order catalog. Or. you can go through a mail-list broker, who typically offers an online catalog of hundreds of lists to choose from.

Prospecting network marketing leads online

Whether you are looking for network marketing leads, potential joint venture marketing partners, fairs and expos, associations, or individuals, online search will speed the process. Here are examples of using search engines for gathering leads:

  • Job sites like,, and allow you to view resumes for professionals that match your niche audience.
  • Find associations of all types searchable by categories, including health, business, computers, and many more at the Internet Public Library.
  • Learn about Internet discussion groups formed around topics related to your product or service.


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