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In general, these are specifics to look for in network marketing prospects

I find the most successful people in network marketing circles possess certain characteristics:

  • They take calculated risks and make decisions.
  • When there are problems, they don’t wail and blame — they solve them.
  • They have healthy self-images, generally thrive on competition, and have a goal or goals they strive for.
  • They are often creative, persistent, and they complete projects.
  • They are people-lovers.

Today, one of my network marketing downline, Sharon, said: “When I was in another multi-level, they told us, ‘Don’t put much hope in the people who flash in and do tremendous volume. They rarely last because their habit is to triumph and then go on. Look for the people who come in slowly and build slowly, with depth and strength. They are the ones who stay.’ ” Makes sense.

The following examples from my network marketing downline may help you identify and use the inborn talents of others that will lead to your, and their, success. Identify the talent in all the numbers. Once you find these kinds of people, you have something to build on:

Distributors come from the list of prospects that you continually and painfully put together and carefully court. In the beginning you may be grateful for anyone who can breathe and say “Yes, I’ll sign up.” Later, you will cry fretfully about the sluggish network marketing downline you’re trying to whip along, while you wonder what’s wrong. Most likely the problem lies within all the people whom you’ve signed in your indiscriminate frenzy.

  • Brett | Yeatman
    October 23, 2011 at 3:19 am

    It is great if you can recruit from your customer base as these people are already sold on the product.

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