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Managing a contact management system, adding referrals and buying leads

Before you begin gathering your network marketing leads, you should set up a contact management system for your network marketing business that will help you enter, store, and manage all of your contact’s information.

Being able to access contact information easily eliminates the stress of forgetting where you recorded notes about someone- it’s not fun losing network marketing leads.

Record notes from conversations, family and work details, that will allow you to pick up a conversation using talking points gathered previously. People love it when you remember what’s going on in their lives. It shows you care.

Your contact management system should be capable of generating address labels to send out mailings, e-mail addresses to send announcements, and phone numbers to call for your network marketing business. It should be searchable and sortable by name, city, distributor rank, status of network marketing leads or MLM prospects, etc.

For this application many businesses use Microsoft Access or Excel. ACT! is also considered to be an excellent contact manager. Whatever system you use, become so familiar with its workings that you can instantly access the information, however you choose to store it.

Most word processing programs include a function called mail merge. Mail merge allows you to create a personalized letter to different people by automatically inserting the person’s name and other information any place in the document for your network marketing business. The more personalized your letters are the greater the response you can expect from your network marketing leads. A contact management system lets you send e-mail announcements to a specific group. You can create different groups according to level of involvement. For example, you might create a group with contact information of only new network marketing customers, another group of distributors, and still another group of network marketing leaders.

Some of the more technical-savvy services that sell leads provide a built-in contact manager. The system sends a series of pre-programmed auto responder e-mails designed to get the person to contact you.

Whichever system you adopt, start by adding in the names and information from your network marketing “warm” list – your first asset in your network marketing business. Protect this valuable asset y backing up the data file regularly to disc; in case of computer failure, nothing’s more disheartening than losing all your network marketing data.

Adding names through referrals

Network marketing companies have always relied on the far-reaching effects of word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers. Life-changing products can easily generate multiple generations of referrals just by people telling their friends about their experiences — that’s network marketing.

Some new network marketing distributors imagine they know only a small number of people and therefore may see a small potential audience. Once you show them that the potential for prospects is not just who they know, but who their contacts know, and who those people know, the power of network marketing becomes obvious.

When a person gives you a referral, you’ve gained the advantage of being able to mention the first person in your conversation with the network marketing referral, immediately positioning yourself as a friend of a friend or associate. If a network marketing referral has an experience with the product or earns a fast-track bonus, you can go back to the original referrer and make a case for him to join.

To spark word-of-mouth referrals, your network marketing service or product has to create an immediate result from which the user benefits. The quicker, the better. The response you are seeking: “Wow, this really works!”

There’s a right time to ask for network marketing referrals. The optimum time to make your request is when a customer is at a high level of satisfaction. This is when he or she is most likely to give you another person’s name. It costs you nothing to ask, so take that one extra step to get additional network marketing business from every customer. Make asking for network marketing referrals a habit; their network marketing lead is sitting there for you.

Buying leads

There are many services that offer network marketing leads for sale to serious network marketers. Typically these are names and contact information of people who have responded to a home-business opportunity or network marketing ads.

Some providers offer real-time network marketing leads, which means the person has just filled in a request for more network marketing information and you are e-mailed their name and contact information at once. Since the person is thinking about finding a network marketing business at that moment, get back with him or her right away. The longer you delay, the more distant the network marketing opportunity seeker’s impulse to take further action becomes.

An advantage of buying network marketing leads is that you know the people are actively looking for a suitable network marketing business. A disadvantage is that, in many cases, network marketing opportunity lead lists are sold over and over again. Many of the people may have already been prospected by other network marketers. If this is the case, consider changing to a network marketing leads provider who doesn’t resell network marketing leads multiple times.

When shopping for network marketing leads, ask the following questions of the provider:

  • How old are the leads?
  • How many other buyers will get the same leads?
  • Will you receive phone, e-mail, and postal address?
  • Has the lead filled in a questionnaire that qualifies the person as a network marketing opportunity seeker?
  • Did the person receive an incentive to submit a form such as getting paid to take a survey?


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