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Are you interested in scheduling your own hours and being your own boss? Most people would love to have this freedom. It can give you time with your children or pave the way to another solo business endeavor. Joining Melaleuca can give you all this experience and so much more. Read on to learn more about the benefits of becoming part of this team.

Melaleuca Opportunity

If you want to be your own boss, you might create a small business with Melaleuca. You can do all that and earn money that fits your business goals and ambitions by working as little or hard as you desire. You have the power to decide what you want your Melaleuca business to turn into. It can be a part-time business you do every so often, or you can turn it into a full-time position that fulfills your life as your own boss.

Melaleuca wants to give people the chance to get great, healthy products at reasonable prices. This can help you gain loyal customers since other MLM companies offer products that are overpriced to pay their distributors. Melaleuca cares too much about making their products affordable to their customers than do that.

This is why working at Melaleuca can be exceptional, because you can be a part of something bigger than you imagined. This company prides itself on making products that are good for the environment and safe to use. You don’t just establish a small business when you join Melaleuca’s opportunity; you make the world a greener place that you can enjoy for years to come.

Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca has a wide selection of products for everyone’s interest in health and household products such as:

  • Nutritional products
  • Medicine cabinet products
  • Beauty
  • Household items
  • Bath and body
  • Essential oils
  • Logo designs for accessories

From Peak Performance Nutrition Packs to Renew Body Wash, Melaleuca offers items that can enhance your body’s health. Melaleuca also provides customers with in-depth knowledge of product ingredients, how-tos, and answers that might interest customers. Plus, it’s all on each product description page. This makes it convenient, since you can find out more information without looking up another website.

More people are becoming health conscious and raising the standard for what to put on or around their bodies. People turn to Melaleuca because they don’t contain all the toxic ingredients that seem to be everywhere these days. They also have other convenient products, such as their laundry detergent, which is both safe and effective to use.

Is Melaleuca a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

As reported by the Federal Trade Commission, multi-level marketing businesses (MLM) allow people to earn commission not only from their line of products they sell to customers, but also from those they recruit into the MLM business. While technically Melaleuca is an MLM business, they don’t have distributors. There’s no inventory to have on hand or deliver to people. You don’t even have to take customer orders.

Instead, your independent business lets you enroll new customers online and gain money through residual income. You can earn commission based on how Melaleuca products you sell and through the purchases of those in your marketing organization.

As stated by Building Your Melaleuca Business, you’ll have your own Melaleuca business website for a monthly fee of $14.95. This fee includes access to online tools to help you support your customers. In addition, you also get a password-protected site, Delivering Wellness presentations, and more to help optimize your business website to gain more customers.

You can also alter your business site with different color schemes and layouts. So, not only does Melaleuca give you the tools to create your own independent business, they give you the ability to customize it to your unique style. Putting your spin on the website can help entice new customers.

Therefore, Melaleuca isn’t a scam or pyramid scheme. However, you can’t join Melaleuca and expect money to appear in your bank account the next day. You have to go out there and earn the potential profit each month. It might cost $14.95 each month to keep your business with Melaleuca up and running, but expenses are common when one owns a business.

Melaleuca Compensation Plan

Melaleuca doesn’t guarantee you will make money. However, if you put in the work and learn along the way, it’s possible to work your way up to high commission rates and earn more. According to Building Your Melaleuca Business, you can start making a 20-27% commission when you start. Then, you can achieve Director status after earning more than $500 in your first month.

You can work your way up from Director to Senior Director and finally to Presidential Director as you gain new customers and leadership points. You can also earn bonuses when you are awarded a new status, so you have other opportunities to make more money for extra things in your life.

You can move to a new status each month by meeting the required number of customers and leadership points. You can also earn bonuses whenever you get a promotion in status, someone in your marketing organization advances or gains more customers, and when you meet the requirements to receive the monthly car bonus.

What’s great about this opportunity with Melaleuca is that you can earn more with residual income. As stated by Building Your Melaleuca Business, Melaleuca has a 95% reorder rate. This means that 95% of those who order one month will order again the next month. This is good for those who want to become a Melaleuca Director since you get residual income each time a customer you bring on places another order.

Melaleuca History

Frank L. VanderSloot began Melaleuca in Idaho Falls over 30 years ago. This company started with a mission to help people reach their goals. Melaleuca has grown into a billion-dollar international company that has expanded to around 17 countries. People come to Melaleuca because they know they can get great non-toxic products that are good for the environment to use inside their homes.

Do you want to be your own boss today? You can sign up with Melaleuca and work your way up by meeting business goals you set for yourself. The more you work at Melaleuca, the more you can earn along the way. It’s up to you how much work you do throughout the day. Working for Melaleuca can also help you learn and grow your own independent business, but it will also help you reach other people who are interested in the healthy and nutritious products that Melaleuca has to offer.

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