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Forever Living Opportunity

Forever Living makes a bold statement on the first page of their brochure. They declare that they’re the greatest opportunity in the world. For the many people around the world, (9.3 million distributors according to official figures) it has been a fantastic opportunity that has made them some extra money, as well as helped them become more independent and debt-free. If you dream of owning your own business, you could certainly do worse than Forever Living. It’s a different kind of business model, in which you don’t have to invest thousands in order to start making money.

Forever Living works well for people who have the drive to succeed. You don’t have to be an amazing salesperson – the products practically sell themselves. But if you learn a little and are good with people, it will definitely help you in this business.

You get to work from home, receive a steady pay check and earn great bonuses! You don’t need loads of training to take advantage of this opportunity.

Forever Living Products

It would genuinely take all day to list every product that Forever Living has in their collection. From weight management to skin care and even household products, there’s something for everyone. The brilliant thing is that some customers will start by ordering one or two products from one area. This leads them to a variety of other Forever Living products available for a great price.

So, let’s take a look at some bestsellers. These are the products that people leave rave reviews online for and that have been recommended multiple times.

  1. Forever Royal Jelly – Often the supplement that many people start with when they order from Forever Living first. It’s a popular supplement that is developed by honey bees and is brilliant for hair, skin, nails and boosting your energy.
  2. Forever Aloe Vera Gel – This began as the company’s flagship product over 40 years ago. It’s still a best seller largely due to the healing properties of aloe vera. This gel can be ingested and helps your digestive system work better. It also gives you more energy.
  3. Forever Bright Tooth Gel – You’ve got to brush your teeth every day, right? This gel not only tastes great, but it will give your smile a sparkle that you didn’t think possible.
  4. Aloe BB creme – Do you want sun protection that covers up any blemishes on your skin? Then this is the product for you. It’s a moisturizing formula that comes in three shades; sandy, cocoa and nude.

Is Forever Living a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Forever Living is a natural health company and is the largest distributor of aloe vera products in the world. They sell aloe vera gels, lotions, drinks, honey, accessories and more. They also sell essential oil products made from lavender and lemon.

Some people that haven’t been successful with Forever Living like to tarnish its good reputation. That’s normal; people don’t like to think they failed. The fact is that you do have to sell the products, otherwise you won’t make money. It’s pretty simple. If you were to open a store in any town, you’d spend a lot more money and still have to sell products to make a profit (but it would take much longer).

If you spend time building a downline, then you’re going to make more money. However, even if you don’t, you can still make money selling the products. For that reason, it’s not a scam. You’re not paying for anyone else; you’re not paying a silly sum for nothing. You are buying products wholesale and selling them at a retail price.

Forever Living doesn’t even have a joining fee. The company is a member of the Direct Sellers Association, who take any complaints seriously and so far, Forever Living has had positive reviews.

Forever Living Compensation Plan

New distributors don’t have to pay an initial fee and can earn up to 43% profit on all retail products. This is one of the highest rewards of any multi-level marketing company out there. So, simply by selling products, you can take that extra cash and put it in the bank (or pay the bills!).

You earn Case Credits for every product sale. These work like points and can build up to various bonuses and increase your compensation.

The next level up is Assistant Supervisor. Here, you still earn the 43% and you get an extra 5% per product sale. Plus, you get more Case Credits per sale. You also get credits for attending training and you can start building your downline. The more people you recruit, the higher level you rise to, right up 12 more levels to Diamond Centurion.

However, let’s just say you only went up four more levels to Manager . You would still receive 43% retail profit plus 18% bonus on personal retail sales, a 5% bonus on your Assistant Manager’s group retail sales, a 10% bonus on your Supervisor group retail sales, plus 13% bonus on Assistant Supervisor group retail sales. Forever Living generously pays its successful people. You can examine their compensation plan in full here. Top performers also get amazing incentives, such as a car plan and fully paid vacations.

Forever Living History

Rex Maughan sought better health and financial freedom. In 1978 Maughan and business partner, Carl Jensen founded Forever Living. They held the first Forever Living Products meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Maughan saw that many people were interested in natural alternatives to products to improve health and that were of high quality. He also knew people would like the opportunity to start their own business so he set out a simple business plan to help them. He was also fulfilling his own dream of helping people become healthier and wealthier.

In 2006, Forever Living entered the Forbes Top 400 at number 340. Revenues had topped $1.5 billion by this point. Now the company is active in more than 165 countries, and is always people selling directly to other people, never through a shop.

New Business Opportunity

Did you know that 62% of Americans dream of owning their own business? It seems like Forever Living can provide that dream for many people. It has solid products that are already popular. If you like to put in the effort, then the rewards are certainly available.

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