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Finding a job that provides you with the freedom to set your own schedule isn’t always easy to do. Network marketing has been used for years to provide individuals with the opportunity to be their own boss. One company that has had proven success in the network marketing field is Amsoil.

Amsoil Opportunity

Amsoil provides people with the opportunity to become independent dealers. They can sell Amsoil products directly to consumers in many different ways.

The Personal Retail Program allows you to sell products face-to-face to customers. The Catalog Program allows customers to order items from a catalog and you make a commission from the sales.

The Commercial Program is ideal for dealers who have been working with Amsoil for a long time. This program allows you to work with large businesses who use the products on a regular basis.

The Retail-on-the-Shelf Program allows you to work with retailers to sell products on their shelves.

The numerous programs provide you with ample ways to sell the products. As you build relationships with consumers, it becomes easier. Many consumers use word-of-mouth to tell others about how great it was to work with you. This can make it easier to build your rapport with others and sell more products.

Amsoil Products

The main products that Amsoil is known for selling is motor oil. They manufacture motor oil for just about every type of engine. Consumers can purchase Amsoil oil for their motorcycle, car, ATV, and even their boat. There are many other types of vehicle fluids that Amsoil manufactures, as well. This includes transmission fluids, gear lubricants, hydraulic oil, grease, and compressor oil. Filters are also available through the company.

Not only can consumers purchase vehicle fluids and filters from Amsoil, but they can also purchase clothing, such as gloves, jackets, hats, and other forms of equipment. Literature is available from Amsoil to make it easy for anyone to use their products properly.

Catalogs are also available so that consumers can become familiar with all of the Amsoil products. Consumers can purchase garage accessories, too. These can include a funnel, magnetic LED light, tire pressure gauges, and a wall clock from the company. The items are often easy to sell because the brand is so well-known. The items cannot be bought in every store. This means that the limited availability makes the products more appealing.

Is Amsoil a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

When people hear that Amsoil is a multi-level marketing company they question if it is a scam or pyramid scheme. This is because for many years there were companies that used people to make money without properly compensating them for their work. Amsoil isn’t one of those companies. Many dealers find that it is the perfect job for them because of its flexibility. They get to choose when they work, for how long they work, and where they work. Many people are very successful after years of working for Amsoil as independent dealers.

Amsoil Compensation Plan

You are able to make money working for Amsoil in many different ways. The first way is to buy the products directly from the company. You purchase the products at a wholesale price and then sell it for a profit to the consumers. The amount that you can make in commission is based off of how much you can sell your items for.

Every product that is available for purchase from Amsoil is assigned a specific amount of points. The points that you accrue over each month is tallied up. The company then provides you with a commission based on the amount of points that you accrue each month. There is no limit on the amount of commission credits you can earn each month.

When you sign consumers up to purchase items from Amsoil, you can also earn money. Cash commissions are available for the products that they purchase.

You can also build a team of dealers to increase your earnings each month. Be sure that you recruit people who will put in the effort to find the right consumers. The more long-term clients you can sign up for the Amsoil products, the more money you can make in the long run.

You are paid from Amsoil on a monthly basis. All of the different commission platforms are combined to ensure that you don’t have to wait to get paid for your hard work and effort. The amount that each person makes varies based on the number of items that they sell, the long-term relationships they build, and the size of their team.

Amsoil History

Amsoil was started back in 1973. Rather than flooding the market with their products, Amsoil decided to work specifically on a face-to-face basis. They wanted to be able to explain the products and answer questions that consumers have. Over the next 40 years, the company has been proven to be very successful.

The company takes the time to make sure that all dealers are set up for success. They offer interactive courses that ensure that you are well informed about the products. This makes it easier for you to be able to answer questions and sell the products with authority.

They also offer monthly webinars to ensure that you can be informed of changes when they occur. Ongoing training is available, making it easier to keep up with new products when they become available. You train until you can become a certified dealer. Once you are a dealer, you can start selling the products right away.

Amsoil is always looking for new dealers to join their team. Those interested in learning more simply need to go online and look at the company website. All necessary information is available to you so you can see if it is right for you. It takes a very short amount of time to complete the training and get started on a career with Amsoil.

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