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5LINX Essential Business Marketing Services Packaged For The Digital Landscape

5LINX delivers essential business services so that small and medium businesses’ telecommunications needs are taken care of professionally, and so that they reap business benefits to each organization.

Living in a smart generation that runs off technology, and most of it wireless, all businesses are dependent on their digital capabilities, in order to reach out to their target audiences effectively. OptiMYZ dynamic mobile websites, TextAlertz mobile marketing and VOIP phone services all enable businesses to move into the technological generation cost-effectively, no matter how big or small they might be. 5LINX’s services have been created to optimize exposure and minimize costs and risks for organizations of all sizes.

OptiMYZ: Developing a Mobile Platform for Lead Generation

OptiMYZ Dynamic Mobile Websites can be used by companies that need a new website, as well as those in need of a website that has been optimized for mobile access. The product also helps businesses with their online marketing, improving their search and marketing optimization by keeping companies visible on mobile platforms.

Google tells us that mobile visitors who experience problems accessing sites are unlikely to return after a negative experience. Even more alarming is the fact that they may very well go off and land on a competitor’s site. OptiMYZ allows businesses to take advantage of each and every online visitor possible.

5LINX’s package includes a 10 page mobile website that has been customized for mobile access and a set up wizard to make the installation quick and easy. The package integrates with an existing website, and also includes Google Analytics integration to allow businesses to track and monitor their results.

The package is also compatible with all mobile and smart devices, including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, for businesses that want to embrace the digital revolution completely. It includes a location finder that allows customers in the area to find your business on the map with advanced directions. Business customers are also entitled to full telephone and email support.

Text Alertz: Marketing Through Mobile Communication Channels

Text Alertz makes mobile marketing that much easier when your business is optimized for mobile and offers the perfect opportunity to market products, services and promotions to your existing database on one of the smartest advertising channels out there. Text marketing allows businesses to keep the communications channels open with their client databases and to let them know about the latest products and promotions immediately, and helps them to leverage consumers’ propensity for spontaneity buys.

Text Alertz features an express SMS services, which is perfect for last minute specials and discount deals with short turn around times. Research tells us that while 90% of marketing emails are never actually read, making allocating budgets to email questionable, 97% of text messages are. Express SMS ensures that no time is wasted and the promotion lands timeously in a message inbox. A QR code generator takes customers directly to your website.

With Text Alertz business clients receive automatic notifications, via text or email, when they receive new leads. Text marketing allows businesses to get in touch with people instantly and to close deals while the leads and offers are still hot.

Text Alertz offers business customers marketing research capabilities, to enable them to improve their campaigns and results continually. Find out what your customer base and target audience really think, what they need and how you can deliver it more effectively so that they buy more or more often.

A coupon generator allows organizations to extend even larger discounts specific to certain campaigns. The mobile web builder ensures your business website is optimized for the user experience, to allow for more advanced smart phone rendering and a higher quality of experience. Land your mobile clients on a site that has kept up with the changing times and can handle the type of technology your customers are using.

GLOBALINX VoIP Phone Services: Keeping Businesses Connected

LINX5 invites you to harness the power of the Internet to receive and make business calls. Business customers who convert to LINX5’s VoIP service can look forward to a saving of 50% of their monthly telephone bill, simply by making use of high speed internet instead of a hard line. VoIP eliminates long distance phone call rates, saving even more for long distance calls.

What’s more the GLOBALINX VoIP Phone is actually convenient for people who are mobile or who travel often. All it requires to be fully operational is your broadband so if you ever step out of the office, you can take it with you. Business customers can make unlimited calls and pay one flat fee per month, regardless of how many times they call out. For businesses in search of a more sophisticated service that also allows for a more personal engagement, video calling is also available.

VoIP allows businesses to make use of the most cutting edge technology available and puts it all into one comprehensive service. GLOBALINX’s customers can look forward to award-winning customer service, technical support and after sales service to ensure they always have access to a superior product. Features such as caller ID, voicemail, call waiting function, three way call function and call forwarding when they sign up for GLOBALINX’s VoIP services.

5LINX Payment Solutions | Make It Easier For Customers To Pay You

5LINX’s exclusive credit card program offers the most competitive rates for debit and credit card processing. Lower card fees mean higher profit margins for your business. The “Every Swipe Counts” program offers the card processing rates in the country while allowing businesses to support two very good causes in the process: the Make A Wish Foundation and Susan G Konen for the Cure.

The “Every Swipe Counts” program allows businesses to accept all major credit cards and offer a more convenient service to their customers. Master Card, American Express and Discover cards can all be processed quickly and easily, and at the lowest charges in the country. Businesses can look forward to additional safety standards and security measures for fraud prevention on each and every transaction.

From visibility sand brand awareness, to advertising and customer service, as well as enhanced payment platforms, LINX5 provides comprehensive packages for every business to excel in a digital world.

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