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Nu Skin Enterprises

If you live in the United States, you’ve probably come across Nu Skin. With more than 24% of people now working from home, people are keen to discover how they can do this, and Nu Skin Enterprises provides one way of setting up at home.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Nu Skin, but this article should clear that up with some helpful particulars that give you the lowdown on this great brand.

Nu Skin Enterprises Opportunity

So, what is the Nu Skin Enterprises opportunity? Well, first of all, you get to be your own boss. That’s what pretty much everyone aspires to, right? Secondly, you don’t have to do it on your own because you have an established, brand-known product support. In fact, you’ll be supported by the person that signed you up as a distributor. If you’re keen and committed, you can then build your own team and lead them to success, which will help you earn more.

Think of all the huge beauty and skincare brands in the world. In most of them, their products are sold in shops by people who don’t get to take a cut of what they’re selling. Nu Skin gives their distributors that opportunity by cutting out the overhead of brick-and-mortar shops, and having people sell directly. You still get access to almost 40 years of research and development in beauty products. But with Nu Skin, you get to keep some of the profit on the products that you believe in.

Nu Skin Enterprises Products

Nu Skin Enterprise has more than 200 personal products that range from skin care to hair care. Their innovative products rejuvenate the skin and there’s a whole range of anti-aging products and even sunscreens. There are too many great products to discuss each one in detail here. But we’ll discuss some bestsellers that women all over the world swear by.

Their AgeLOC range is popular and includes targeted creams for your skin type. There is also the AgeLOC device, which massages skin in a rotating action. It cleanses, purifies, tones and softens the skin. Let’s be honest; it’s a pretty relaxing way to clean your face.

Nu Skin Enterprises Tru Face essence Ultra is a product people were clamoring for in 2019. Those who have used it say it really firms up skin that has been drooping a bit. There’s also science behind it! The product contains Ethoncyn, which is a patented ingredient that is renowned for its anti-aging effects. Firmer, more youthful skin? No wonder everyone wants it in their skincare collection.

Nu Skin also has Spa Systems, so you can have a proper pampering session at home. Choose from peels, masks, and scrubs, too. There are cleansers, toners and moisturizers for every skin type. The Nu Skin Clear Action is a medicated range that works for those with problematic skin. You can also find toothpaste, whitening products and a range of products especially tailored to men.

Is Nu Skin Enterprises a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

It is a multi-level marketing company that has been in business for 35 years. Once you become a distributor, you market Nu Skin products directly to your own customers, wherever you choose to find them. You can also recruit and train new distributors.

Distributors are paid for every Nu Skin product they personally sell, as there is a retail markup on the products. The distributor buys them from the company and then sells them at retail price. Also, each distributor stands to make a performance bonus that is based on the sales of the distributors they have recruited. It’s much like being a sales manager; you get a commission based on what your team earns.

According to published figures, Nu Skin Enterprises pays out around 43% of the revenue on its products to its distributors annually. That’s much more than most beauty companies commonly pay their sales force.

They are part of the Direct Sellers Association, who have a code of ethics; members must stick to it. Also, you can find many of their distributors’ websites online, and hear true stories of successful people who’ve made a living with Nu Skin.

Nu Skin Enterprises Compensation Plan

First, a person signs up as a distributor for Nu Skin. They buy the products at a certain price, and then sell them at the retail price. This means you get an instant profit. For instance, a distributor sells their very first Fast-Start Product Package (these are very popular). The package costs you $375 to buy from Nu Skin. The recommended retail price for your customers is $431.25. Since you have already bought the product from Nu Skin, the profit is yours to keep.

Then, say you recruit another person who’d like to get involved with selling Nu Skin products. A 5% commission can be collected on all those sales – and this is only at the lowest level. Once you begin building a team, the sky is the limit. There are nine further levels of brand affiliates, going right up to Blue Diamond Director. For instance, the current average monthly commission of an entry level active Brand Affiliate is $37, but when you make Gold Partner, the average goes up to $902 and Blue Diamond Directors earn an average of $37,596 in monthly commission! Not bad at all, right?

Nu Skin Enterprises History

The Nu Skin Enterprises story began in Provo, Utah in 1984. Founders Sandie Tillotson, Steve Lund and Blake Roney got together, as they wanted to form a company that would provide people a business opportunity. Additionally, they wanted the business opportunity to be based on quality personal care products with “all of the good, none of the bad”.

The first products were so popular that they sold out in just hours. After establishing a number of solid distributors in the United States, they were able to prove that, not only the products, but their business model, worked. Nu Skin Enterprises began operating in Canada six years later. In 1991, the company opened in Hong Kong, expanding the business to Asia.

In 1996, the company acquired Pharmanex, then a dietary-supplement producer. This increased the number of products they had available and also furthered their research into skincare.

Now, Nu Skin Enterprises are in 54 different markets worldwide. There is a network of 1.2 million independent distributors and with the world population sitting at around 7 billion, there is still plenty of room for expansion. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1986.

Nu Skin: A Great Product for Dedicated Salespeople?

If you’re a self-starter and would love to build your own sales team but are looking for the right product to do it with, then Nu Skin could be an option. The research and development teams still constantly strive to innovate new products. They also aim to discover what is best for people’s bodies and skin. You get out of a business what you put in. There’s certainly the chance to make money here, as long as you’re willing to build a good team.