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It adds up: Network marketing x persistence = $$$

The network marketing math is rather amazing, and it’s not that difficult to understand the formula (although a mastery of multiplication is helpful). For example:

  • The typical lower-end fee for a franchise business is $20,000. Most start-up fees for a network marketing business are less than $1,000, and many are $500 or under. You can launch your own multi-level marketing business for as little as 2.5% of what you have to ante to buy a franchise? Wow.
  • Say you work 20 hours a week at your network marketing business, yet you earn as much as you did at a full-time job. That’s equivalent of getting a 100% raise!
  • You bring 20 people into your MLM operations, and each of them work 20 hours a week. You’ve leveraging an additional 400 hours with your downline — people who are continuously contributing to your profits.

This can’t repeated enough: Network marketing is not get-rich-quick scheme. You have to work at it, have to be resourceful, have to have the want-to to make it work. But: Network marketing CAN be a get-rich scheme. Do the math.


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