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when did herbalife go public

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  5. when did herbalife go public

Asked: 2019-04-26 06:34:50

My husband is one of those stock market fanatics. He just loves to look at the stocks and see what is happening in the world of NASDAQ. Nothing gets him going more than seeing the stock prices soar. It is quite funny to watch. After noticing my Herbalife shake mix in the cabinet, he began researching the company. He just had to know where the fell in the stock market or where they even a public company. I thought I would help him by asking a few questions. Is Herbalife a public company? What does it mean when a company goes public?


Answered: 2019-04-27 03:06:31

Went Herbalife went public, stock in the company began to be traded on NASDAQ. Herbalife also went through a transition at this time. It was revamped and rebranded.


Answered: 2019-04-26 21:49:09

Herbalife is an incorporated company though not in the United States. Herbalife chose to incorporate their company in the Cayman Islands. The Caymans are known to be a tax haven and herbalife felt this a better option for their company.


Answered: 2019-04-27 02:43:21

Yes. Herbalife is still a public company that allows people to buy,sell, and trade stock. You can find financial reports through the NASDAQ and their official website.


Answered: 2019-04-28 05:36:43

Herbalife began in Canada in 1980. Mark Hughes was selling his product from his car. Just six years later Herbalife was growing company that went public. This means that Herbalife began to show up on the NASDAQ and people were able to buy and sell stock in the company.

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