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where to buy avon products in singapore

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  5. where to buy avon products in singapore

Asked: 2019-06-14 15:40:39

My husband is stationed in Singapore. I used to wear a lot of Avon products when we lived in the states and ran out of a few of them recently. I want to be able to replace them, but I don’t speak the local language and don’t know how to find the products that I really want in the new country. Is there an easy way for someone who only speaks English to be able to buy Avon products while they are living in Singapore or do, I simply have to go without until I can get back to the states?


Answered: 2019-06-15 00:20:01

Search for local Avon stores in Singapore near where you are staying. There are brick and mortar stores with workers who more than likely speak English. If they don’t, you can simply look at the products yourself and determine which ones you want to buy and which you feel wouldn’t be the right fit for you.


Answered: 2019-06-16 09:28:44

The best way to get any Avon products in Singapore is to visit their website. You can view all of the products that they offer and even search for your favorite products quickly and easily. They will then ship them right to your home and the website will be in English so that you can understand what you are buying and shop with confidence.


Answered: 2019-06-15 14:48:15

It’s best to look for local vendors near you. There are not only actual Avon stores that sell the products, but also representatives. If you don’t want to have to travel, you can make an appointment for a representative to come to you to show you what items they have available.


Answered: 2019-06-15 04:58:47

Do a simple internet search for Avon representatives in Singapore. This should yield results for all local representatives and you can look at their social media accounts to see which ones post in English and which don’t. It’s best to contact an agent who posts in English because you can better the chances that they speak English.

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