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Visalus Network Marketing Opportunity Review – Should You Sign up to This?

You may be looking for a network marketing opportunity to get involved in yourself. There are, quite literally, thousands of them out there to choose from, which may make things a little bit difficult. You should never invest in a program that you don’t know or understand and I hope that the following information will help you to learn about Visalus, one of the most popular network marketing opportunities out there. Understanding the company, the products that they offer and what you can earn with it may just help you decide whether or not this is the company for you.


Who Is Visalus?

Visalus is a networking marketing company that focuses on health and wellness products. They are based in Troy, Michigan. They were founded quite some years ago and have been building up their reputation ever since. The company has been experiencing very significant growth, but not enough yet to create market saturation. They have recently received a lot of media attention, including from MSNBC, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Business Week, to name but a few. This means that it is likely that further growth will occur very quickly. They are often mentioned for their amazing support and coaching opportunities, which certainly makes the company look very trustworthy.

The Visalus Products

Visalus markets scientifically proven products that help towards improving overall health and well-being. One of their product, and their best-known one, is Body By Vi, which is a 90 day product to help people gain better overall health. It focuses on physical health, but also on mental health. As such, the products teach people to become more positive in their mindset. They have various products that can be purchased individually, but they also have a range of kits, such as the boost kit, the shape kit, the balance kit and the transformation kit. Some examples of their individual products include cookies, shakes and supplements.

The Visalus Business Opportunity

The business opportunity is one of multi-level marketing. This means that you have to do two main things within your business. First of all, you have to engage in direct selling, ensuring other people purchase your products. The second is about building a team of people who you sponsor, through which you will earn a secondary income.

Interestingly, Visalus is a good business in terms of this because it offers two very interesting things. Firstly, it offers health and weight loss products, which everybody is interested in. Secondly, it offers the opportunity of earning money. This makes it much easier to sell not just the product, but the business as well.


The Visalus Compensation Plan

There are eight different ways to earn money through Visalus, which is pretty similar to the majority of other network marketing opportunities. The earning potential is as follows:

  • Commission on the direct sales that you create.
  • Bonuses on your first orders.
  • The enrollers’ pool, which is a weekly bonus.
  • The fast start bonus.
  • Additional team commissions.
  • The potential to work towards earning a BMW.
  • The ambassador star bonus.

Basically, you can earn both direct and residual income. Of course, it is likely that you want to know exactly how much you can earn, but this depends wholly on your own efforts and, in fairness, a little bit of luck. However, it is reasonable to assume you will earn around 20% commission overall.

There are various kits to choose from in order to get started as well. These kits come at different costs, which are:

  • The basic kit at $49, which includes three taster packs and is perfect for those who simply want to see what the opportunity is about and whether it is for them or not.
  • The executive kit at $499, which includes everything you could possibly need in order to really get your business off the ground.
  • The start kit at $999, which really will get you going.

getting paid

What I Liked about Visalus

  • The product is something that people are looking for: health, well-being and nutrition.This means that making a sale is easy to achieve, since you know there is a market out there.
  • There are multiple ways of earning money, which means that how much you earn depends entirely on how much effort you want to put into the opportunity itself.
  • The company is highly respected and is reporting huge annual revenues.
  • There are three kits to choose from in order to get started, so you have the opportunity to test it out without having to spend too much money. Most report that they are able to earn their initial investment back within two months, which demonstrates the potential for earnings that is actually out there.

What I Didn’t Like about Visalus

  • The price difference between the kits is huge. If you do feel that you can make it after trying the basic kit, you will have to immediately jump to the executive kit, which is more than $400 more expensive than the basic. This is quite a substantial amount of money, even if you are able to earn it back within two weeks.
  • There is a degree of market saturation. Visalus is not the biggest company out there yet, but they are offering a product that various other network marketing opportunities offer as well.

The Final Verdict

More and more people are looking into ways to earn an income through network marketing. Visalus is one of many companies that offer such an opportunity. In order to make sure you are actually setting yourself up to be able to earn something, you should only work with companies that offer a few very clear things. First of all, they should offer a product that you can believe in and that you can understand, and a product for which there is actually a demand. Secondly, you have to make sure that the company through which you use the opportunity actually offers you the opportunity to earn. In my eyes, Visalus scores very highly on both of these elements. As such, I fully recommend it to anybody that wants to start their own business.


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