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Princess House

Princess House

Princess House is a network marketing company that specializes in products that women use in their everyday lives. These products are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also designed to help women stay healthy inside and out. From cookware, recipes, and health products, Princess House is the premier place for women to shop or start their own business.

Princess House History

It was 1963, and America was in the throes of the Civil Rights Movement, Beatlemania, and an annual household income of just over $5,000. Men made most of that income. Statistics say that only 37 percent of the workforce were women. These were turbulent times and women wanted the chance to work and get paid just as men did.

An entrepreneur by the name of Charles Collis decided to give women an opportunity to work and earn their own money. In January of 1963, he founded Princess House. In the beginning, Princess House was a direct sales agency that specialized in the sales of handblown glass kitchenware. As time passed, the women of Princess House were dubbed the “crystal ladies.”

Over more than 50 years since Princess House was founded, they have managed to change and evolve as society has. Consultants today can be found promoting the latest lines in cookware that include stainless steel and cast iron. They are also sharing the latest products involving beauty and health.

Princess House Products

Princess House has a huge array of products available. Sticking to the legacy of empowering women, Princess House continues to develop products that are durable and will look beautiful in any setting.

A complete list of their products is listed below.

  1. Cookware
  2. Bakeware
  3. Cutlery
  4. Flatware
  5. Dinnerware
  6. Food Storage
  7. Glassware and Barware
  8. Serveware
  9. Home Organization
  10. Kitchen Tools and Cleaners
  11. Specialty Foods

Each product offered by Princess House has a unique twist. They are designed for the needs of the modern woman. Cookware and bakeware items have durability and can be taken to any party.

The use of any Princess House products will surely impress the onlooker. They are beautiful with their intricate designs and etchings. The glassware and barware add a touch of class to your gathering. When all is eaten, Princess House has given its patrons the right tools and cleaners to protect each item from the many Princess House collections.

Recently, Princess House has brought in a product called Vida Choice. This line of products is used to help women stay healthy from the inside out. They include weight loss control and supplement products.

Princess House Opportunity

Princess House is an opportunity for women, regardless of age or life circumstances, to spread their wings and fly. Consultants have the choice to make a little extra money per month to create a business that can sustain their families. The opportunity is there for any woman wanting to explore the option of owning her own Princess House business.

To become a Princess House consultant, you probably want to be a customer first. After using these beautiful products, all you need to do is tell your consultant its time to explore your opportunity. Your consultant will guide through the process of signing up and ordering your starter kit. Once your starter kit arrives, you are ready to start booking parties or cooking classes to begin selling.

New consultants with Princess House are given the tools they need to succeed. A new consultant packet includes training materials and a workbook to plan your business goals. Informational guides, DVDs, and consultant manual are all included, as well. You will be assigned a Field Training manager that will be available to answer any questions that may arise.

Princess House Compensation Plan

Like any business, the amount of money you want to make will depend upon the amount of time you invest. The possibilities are endless with Princess House.

According to their website, a consultant that has four parties per month with an average sales number of $500.00 can earn $500.00 that month. This number increases as the consultant books, more parties, and increases their number of sales. It is possible to earn as much as $2800.00 per month with bonuses and commissions.

They do pay each week, and consultants earn 25 percent on every sale. Once your sales increase, that percentage will increase. These numbers are not set in stone. They will vary depending upon how many parties you book, what your sales are, and how much dedication you have for your business. The Princess House compensation plan is flexible, depending upon the consultant.

Is Princess House a Scam Or Pyramid Scheme?

Princess House is an older MLM company. It has been on the scene for 57 years. This data clearly shows that Princess House is not a scam or pyramid scheme. They are a business that began to give women a viable opportunity to work and make their own money. That legacy has carried through the years and continues to be the prime factor in the success of Princess house.

As Princess House has grown throughout its 50 plus years, they have seen many changes. The company has changed hands a few times and rests today in the hands of their first-ever female CEO. We don’t see this company going anywhere but up.

Our Final Thoughts About Princess House

Princess House has clearly proven itself to be a reputable company that has carried on the legacy and purpose of its founder, Charles Collis. Women through the years and today are enjoying the beauty that each product by Princess House has to offer.

Women are enjoying the business opportunity and fair compensation plan of Princess House. This long-standing company is continuing to grow and change as the years go by. There is no evidence that Princess House is going away. If anything, they are a force to be reckoned with.

If you’re looking for a work-from-home opportunity and enjoy talking to people, this is the opportunity for you.

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