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Turn off TV. Network marketing products are the real deal

There was Montel Williams on TV, promoting identity theft coverage and talking about the dangers the average person can encounter. As he talked up the supposed benefits of this product, a disclaimer appeared on the bottom of the screen that read: LifeLock cannot help with all types of identity theft. You see, LifeLock is an identity monitoring company, not a restoration company, and their services are of limited use to most victims of identity theft.

A true Identity Theft Shield service is available exclusively through Pre-Paid Legal. Why is this significant? Network marketing businesses provide some of the highest-quality, most valuable products throughout. In many cases, a consumer can only purchase the best product from a friends or family member who is an independent associate of a multi-level marketing business

Network marketing focuses on “pull-through marketing” rather than the standard “push-through marketing” as seen on TV. Who would you rather trust — your friends and family, or an advertising specialist who doesn’t know or care about you and just wants to make a sale? Network marketing companies such as ACN, Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Primerica and Pre-Paid Legal have made significant impacts in their markets and deliver to consumers the best at affordable prices.

Network marketing opportunity also provides individuals the  opportunity to be their own business owner — something the average person doesn’t always encounter.


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