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Don’t be too proud to follow your upline’s advice

Some people are OK taking advice. Many are not. Some people aren’t successful in their network marketing business … and a reason many are not is they don’t seek or don’t follow the lead of their upline.

In multi-level marketing speak, an upline is a person who’s above you in the organization. It could be the person who recruited you as a sales representative (sometimes known as a sponsor) and those above the sponsor. Upline is the opposite of downline, a sales rep’s recruits. And, yes, an upline receives compensation based on your sales as well as their own.

Following advices from the experts, your upline, is an important of the job for you to handle — even for those of us determined to do things on our own. But going solo in this business tends to produce less success. It’s rare that uplines leave their reps high and dry.

The good upline isn’t there to hold anyone’s hand; they are responsible for “customer service” as well as education and training. It’s essential for the new reps to learn how to manage the business, and the upline knows most about the tricks to success in a home-based business …

But you also need to ask questions and stay in touch with your upline. The best policy is to build a relationship with the person above you while you build your business. Finally, remember — asking for advice also implies you’ll take it.


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