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Market America Opportunity

Are you looking for a proven plan for financial success? Market America could be exactly what you’re looking for. When you join Market America, you get your own website. You also get access to merchandising, excellent marketing and state-of-the-art management systems. That’s before we even come to the range of products that Market America has.

This is a company that helps people achieve a generous income by working from home every single day. They have also forged deals with other well-known name brands, as well as selling their own amazing products, such as Isotonix. These are highly researched health and wellness supplements. You can also sell name brands like Nike and Apple. You can get great deals and compare with other websites. All in all, it makes shopping easier and gives consumers more options.

For those who sign up to distribute, it gives such a wide range of products that customers don’t even need to worry about focusing on one area. Even signing up as a first-time customer will earn you 5% back on your next purchase, as long as you spent $25 or more. Who doesn’t love cash back?

Market America Products

Market America has several product categories. This makes it all the easier to sell, as people can buy many different things in one place. You could start by focusing on one line and then you will see that people begin to ask for the others on their own. The categories of products include weight loss, nutrition and health, skincare, cosmetics, jewelry, auto and pet care. You can also avail of services that they broker such as internet marketing for small and medium-sized businesses and financial management.

You can also buy books, stationary, and home supplies. Several big brands have also partnered with Market America to get great deals on their products.

Let’s focus on some of the best sellers from Market America’s own range. Their TLS Weight Loss Solution is undoubtedly a hit. From the nutrition shakes to the TLS CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor, which is a specially formulated supplement and helps prevent the body from converting excess sugar into fat.

DNA Miracles is another huge selling line. There are chewable multi-vitamins and supplements for little ones and home products that are safe for families. You can find the fruit and veggie wash, nursery and playroom cleaner, and bottle wash. These are excellent for use in the home.

Of course, Isotonix can’t be left out of the bestseller list. There are over 20 products in this range and the revolutionary science behind these supplements has changed people’s bodies forever.

Could Market America be Called a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Some people just love to look down on other people. It is generally these people who shout loudest about Market America being a scam or pyramid scheme, and most of them don’t know very much about the company at all. Does anyone call Amazon a scam? Market America is in the same category as Amazon, as a huge online retailer.

It has been called a multi-level marketing company, but it differs dramatically from other companies that are branded as such. It is described as an international product brokerage and internet marketing company. It can’t be called a pyramid scam, because people that buy products receive them, so they’re not simply paying a person above them in a pyramid. If you look at any company in the world and write down the hierarchy, it will resemble a pyramid. In that sense, Market America has a CEO and board, but it does not operate in a pyramid fashion. Even preferred customers get cash back.

Also, given the partnerships that it has with other well-established brands, this further strengthens the position of Market America and shows that it is not a scam. Would any of these big-name businesses go into partnership with a company that had anything shady about it? The simple answer is no.

Though it doesn’t look like a traditional company, that shouldn’t scare you off. In fact, it means that more is being returned to the person who has a business with Market America.

Market America Compensation Plan

The Market America Compensation Plan is based on a points system. It includes the number of sales you make, and your downline also converts into points. Points are translated into money that you receive a check for.

You first purchase a number of products that are sold on your UnFranchise website. You earn 30% – 50% of the retail sales you make – pretty good, right? You also build your downline. You have two people under you, and they can have two people under them, and so on and so forth.

Business Volume (BV), Internet Business Volume (IBV) and the BDC

​Every single product on the website store has an attached amount of volume and that is what your commissions are based on. There are two main types of volume you can earn:

Business Volume (BV): ​ Sales volume related to selling the companies own products.

Internet Business Volume (IBV): Sales volume related to partner products.

You need to refer to the current price list to figure out how many points are allocated for each product, but you don’t need to know the individual values to understand the concept.

All the BV and IBV you earn is attributed to your “Business Development Centre” or BDC. ​ This is your downline organization and is capped at a set amount of income.

When you get 1200 BV in both your two legs, then you earn 1 “commission cycle”, which pays out $300. Each BDC can earn three standard cycles (3 x $300) and one last cycle paying out double (1 x $600). This gives you a total of $1,500 for BV related sales volume which is the max it can make. The exact same rule applies to IBV, which means the total earning capacity of your BDC is $3,000 per week.

Basically, if you have good marketing, this is a big win for you, as people will be more than happy to buy the products. They can buy products they already know and trust, plus find out about more from a reputable website. This will bring in the dollars for you, too.

Market America History

The founder of Market America is JR Ridinger. He was once part of the successful MLM company, Amway. However, as time progressed, he found some problems with their multi-level marketing system. He believed that it was time some changes were made. That was why he set out with his wife, Loren, and founded Market America in 1992.

Ridinger brought direct sales into a new era with computerization and a whole new model. It made it easier for people to be paid and the range of products that were available made it easy for people to sell.

The company headquarters are in Greensboro, North Carolina. As of 2016, the company has more than 800 employees. Although it was initially just accessible in the United States, Market America has now expanded into many other countries. This started with Australia in 2002, with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore and Malaysia following.

Market America introduced cash back for its customers in 2008, a move that has been wildly successful. In late 2010, the company bought This means that distributors have a trustworthy platform to host their selling sites on.

Basically, the Management Performance and Compensation plan that JR created back in 1992 is a proper means to achieve financial independence and create residual income. It fixes the problems associated with traditional business organization. Therefore, someone considering a work-from-home job should look at Market America as a viable option. Check out the UnFranchise manifesto today.

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