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Have you noticed a few of your friends looking fit, trim, and overall healthy? Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to follow suit by shedding pounds or finding a long-last healthy lifestyle?

Isagenix may be responsible for your friend’s new and improved looks. It also might be your solution for a better you – emotionally, physically, and financially.

We’re going to take a deeper look at the network marketing company, Isagenix. In this article, you will find information about their products, what it’s like to work for this brand, their compensation plan, and a bit of history.

Isagenix Products

Before going too far into the Isagenix company and structure, it is helpful to know what products are offered. To begin, this company offers weight loss supplements in the form of shakes. These shakes come in “paks” or as a system that will help you lose any extra weight – and keep it off.

You can also opt for individual items to aid in your weight loss journey. This may include tasty protein bars, cracker-type snacks, cleanses, and of course, the option to purchase individual shakes.

Other than weight loss supplements, you can find a performance booster “pak” to help you achieve better results from your workouts. Additionally, you will find various vitamins that you may be lacking from your daily diet.

The vitamins and enzymes offered are to help ensure you feel your best, whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey, have been on it for a while, or are simply living a healthy lifestyle. You will also find healthy options for children!

The last two types of products that Isagenix offers include a variety of essential oils and skincare. Essential oils can be used in a number of ways including to help you relax after a long day, aid in the cleaning of your home, or help with congestion from a cold.

Skincare from Isagenix, like all of their other products, is of the highest quality. You can expect to see beautiful, hydrated, clear skin with the continued use of these products.

Career Opportunities With Isagenix

With such great products, you might believe that there is no way you’d be able to get a job at this company. In many instances, you’d be correct.

However, Isagenix is a network marketing company. This means that with a small annual investment of $29 and your first product order, you can start your own business with Isagenix.

The annual membership cost is to cover your personal Isagenix website, a retail business center, and the best tools and training on the market. This company is centered around network marketing therefore you will be put in touch with someone in your area who is available to help get your business running and profitable.

Whether you choose to sell a lot or a little is up to you. Regardless of your total sales, you will reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and wholesale pricing. Also, you can choose the hours that work for you and your family while working from home!

The Isagenix Compensation Plan

A $29 start-up fee and an initial order at wholesale costs… This may seem too good to be true or that the compensation plan is lacking.

In fact, the Isagenix compensation plan is one of the most generous plans in the Direct Sales industry. As an associate, you will begin seeing compensation based on products you order for other people or from orders on your website. Each product that is sold is assigned a point value which then helps to determine the total amount you receive.

Once you begin to see movement and growth in your business, you will go from an associate to a consultant. This is where you will really begin to see your income grow! During your first thirty days as a consultant, if you sign two people up, you receive a bonus of $150.

As sales cycles are completed, either by you or by a member of your sales team, you can expect compensation. The idea is to grow your team into a full network. This allows sales cycles to continually loop, which in turn, allows for everyone to continually make money.

Isagenix: A Scam, a Pyramid Scheme, or Legitimate Opportunity?

If the alarm bells in your head are sounding, we understand. Most people’s idea of pyramid schemes includes network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. However, this is a falsehood or a misunderstanding, if you will.

Under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, a pyramid/Ponzi scheme occurs when a company or individual promises profits by recruiting others and using their money to sustain the organization. These types of scams can’t pay their investors or employees because they aren’t sustainable.

While Isagenix does give its associates and consultants a bonus for recruiting people, there are also actual products being bought and sold. The idea isn’t to constantly be paid for recruiting people but for more people to buy and sell the product. This in itself shows that Isagenix is a legitimate opportunity and by definition NOT a pyramid scheme.

A Bit of Company History

John Anderson is known for creating high-quality health and wellness products. He has a background in nutrition and has created thousands of weight loss supplements. Unfortunately, many major companies wish to profit as much as possible by sacrificing the quality of their ingredients. This gives the end consumer a product that simply doesn’t work.

Instead of opting to use these cheaper ingredients, he sought the help of Jim and Kathy Coover. This power couple of the direct sales world decided to partner with John in 2002, creating Isagenix and helping it to become one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in the world.

The Coover’s have a background in network marketing which allowed them and John to create a sustainable business plan to positively affect the lives of their numerous sales members.

Isagenix: You Share, They Share, Repeat.

The idea behind Isagenix is to help consumers live their best lives by offering high-quality products in the health and wellness arenas. Isagenix wants you to use their products as a customer first, not to simply jump into their opportunity.

The company wants you to learn, understand, and come to love their products as much as they do before you become part of their team. This helps you to know that you’re making the best investment with your money and realize that your results are REAL and most anyone can achieve them!

Ultimately, the Isagenix idea is “You Share. They Share. Repeat.” This embodies the idea that you’ll love your products and share them with your friends. Your friends will love the products and share them with theirs. All the while, everyone betters their financial lives!

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