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what is the pampered chef commission

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Asked: 2019-09-06 20:36:36

My name is Judy and I’m just starting out as a The Pampered Chef consultant. I recently lost my job on a local store and now I’m eager to use my sales skills to get some money as a consultant. Do any of you guys know how much money I can make as a consultant? I’m pretty enthusiastic about this new life opportunity, but I’m also afraid that it won’t pay very well and I have a daughter to raise. How much does the company pay in commissions? Can I get a higher cut if I’m a good consultant and I sell a lot? Knowing this would help a lot to plan for the future, thanks for your help.


Answered: 2019-09-07 02:15:46

The Pampered Chef offers 20% to 27% commissions depending on your title and experience within the organization. Building up a team can also net you 3% commissions on your team. You can even get some free prizes if you work hard. They include free products, vacations, etc. I work as a consultant and I have to say that it is pretty great if you hone your skills and do your best.


Answered: 2019-09-07 20:46:01

Hello! Initially, you can expect to get as much as 20% commissions, but the number can go up to 27%. If you build your own team, you can get 3% commissions on their sales, which is when the multilevel marketing aspect of The Pampered Chef comes is. Basically, it can be very profitable to have some people working for you. If a team of five people can sell each $1,000 in products in a week, you’ll get $150 just for training them.


Answered: 2019-09-07 06:04:53

All consultants initially get commissions of 20%. The commission can go as high as 27% if you acquire experience. This basically means that if you sell $2,000 in products in a single week, your weekly payment would be something like $400 starting out or $540 if you reach the highest tier. It’s not a bad payment if you are able to sell well, but won’t pay a lot if you are not very good in your sales pitch.


Answered: 2019-09-08 02:42:02

I read that commissions are around 20% when you are starting in this gig. To be able to continue to be a consultant, you should sell at least $150 in products monthly. Obviously, selling more than that will certainly net you several benefits and your commissions can go up to 27%. Creating a team to profit from their sales is also not a bad idea, especially if you have some management experience.

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