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how to succeed in network marketing

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Asked: 2019-11-18 16:36:26

I would really like to take this job in network marketing, but I worry I may not be successful. Can anyone tell me how I can succeed in this?


Answered: 2019-11-20 10:39:37

Make sure you are asking your recruiter the right questions, keep in mind they may not be as honest as you would like because they are higher up than you and will be making money off you if you sign.


Answered: 2019-11-20 02:17:48

You really have to look at who works there. I mean if the ceo is being investigated for running a scam I sure wouldn’t suggest working there.


Answered: 2019-11-19 13:15:18

I would say make sure you love the product, making sure it’s legit and ask yourself if it is something you would use. If you don't love it how is someone else going to love it.


Answered: 2019-11-19 06:52:20

The one tip I would give you would be to choose the right company. If they are not a reputable company you could really lose your ass.

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