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what color is amsoil

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  5. what color is amsoil

Asked: 2019-09-06 15:57:36

I'm a researchist and learned a long time ago with motor oil, color means almost everything. I try to determine what color my Amsoil oil is when I first put it in my vehicle to research and then I start to observe how the oil changes color over time. We further research by putting in a dipstick every few days so we can 'read' our engines oil based on its color. Most of the time oil starts to look dark brown after 3,000 miles, and very dark brown after 5,000. Remember though, oil is supposed to be changed every 5K so I'd like to know if your Amsoil oil testing has given you different color readings and at what mileage are you getting it?


Answered: 2019-09-08 06:56:39

I found Amsoil oil colored in stages appropriately. Amsoil was amber-colored oil when it was new. Every time it turned into a cream color concotion I found moisture in it. One time I had a milky color in the cream color and my coolant had leaked into it. But normally as Amsoil aged it got darker at the right times and mileage. Dark brown or black motor oil can indicate contamination, my oil was never thick and was just aging with use. I used to note the engine oil color and kept a log when I started driving my big rig so I knew what color it would turn and when. That's the way I learned to read my engine's color and never had any problem with it.


Answered: 2019-09-07 09:24:25

I am just starting to use Amsoil and found something curious. Amsoil started off the normal light golden color. Then after about 150 miles or thereabout I found it to be bright yellow when I tested it and wiped my dipstick off with a white rag. I had no idea if this was normal or if it was indicative of coolant leaking into my oil. I found that it wasn't my coolant leaking and it was the oil's color. I did find out it wouldn't turn yellow even if coolant did shop up in motor oil unless it is like 50/50 oil/coolant.


Answered: 2019-09-06 21:35:40

Most of the time contamination is why an oil changes colors like Wayne stated. An oil can become darker if there is lubricant cross-contamination. Sometimes the color of Amsoil changes if there's solid particles from the environment but that's true of every oil. But if you have an abnormal oil color happen, then you really need to change out your oil as soon as possible. Furthermore, it could also indicate that your oil has been exposed to very high heat. But if your oil is dark brown than that's part of the natural aging process of motor oil. I have found Amsoil to age well, withstand heat well and age appropriately to a dark brown.


Answered: 2019-09-07 07:04:58

Many people are like you and think oil should be a certain color at various staged mileage. Almost everyone knows that black motor oil has worn out or become too saturated with contaminants to protect any engine and should be changed. But that's not always the case. Sometimes discoloration is a natural byproduct of heat and soot particles. The heat and soot particles are way too small to wear out your engine. The only real way to be sure if the oil is at the end of its life cycle is to do an oil analysis. Chemically analyzing an oil sample reveals the condition of the oil, the presence of contaminants, fuel dilution and so on.

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